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Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Daily Delphi products for market professionals.

What does your company do?
We use collective intelligence to create research products for traders.

What type of research products?
We aggregate trader sentiment to forecast the day’s settlement price before the opening bell. We also aggregate trader sentiment to forecast government reports and other market moving events.

Daily Delphi taps into game theory, social gaming, social investing and collective Intelligence to give traders another key data point in their decision making process.

To help traders know and understand what other market participants expect in the markets on a daily basis.

What makes you different than other sites trying this?
In contrast to other approaches our algorithms are flexible and incentive compatible. Trader sentiment isn't limited to normal distributions and participants can't game the system.

Who are your members?
Traders, analyst, institutional traders, trading firms, online brokerage houses, news wires, financial websites; anyone with an interest in what direction the market will take on a given day.

Why do traders need this information?
When every trade made on every exchange in the world took place in a pit, traders used to ask each other "What do you think it's going to do today?" Because knowing what other traders are thinking and saying provides a competitive edge. Daily Delphi is your place to ask - "What do you think it's going to do today?"

What markets does Daily Delphi forecast?
We're starting with just a few markets and government reports but soon we’ll be rolling out other reports, indexes, stocks, commodities and currencies. Let us know if you have a market you want us to consider. [email protected]

Is this a prediction market?
No. Our methodology has much lower cost and infrastructure requirements, less time commitment for users, more flexibility and no regulatory issues. All done in an engaging fashion. Prediction markets are like an IBM mainframe; our approach is like a Mac.

If you’re right, isn’t this like printing money? (You can’t beat the market.)
Since the very first markets people have been trying to predict market outcomes. We’re not trying to beat the market; we’re building a mechanism that allows traders to gauge market sentiment.