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BlogsPit Talk › Wednesday - And the answer is... December 18, 2013, 6:50 am

7:30 AM CT
Housing Starts Sep
Forecast 907K Prior 891K
Housing Starts Oct
Forecast 905K
Housing Starts Nov
Forecast 937K
Building Permits Nov
Forecast 980K Prior 1,034K
9:30 AM CT
Crude Inventories
Forecast -3M Prior -10.585M
1:00 APM CT
FOMC Decision

This morning begins with 3 months of Housing Starts data. To date we've seen some pretty good economic signs that show the economy is starting to gain some steam. The housing reports will either confirm the data or give Big Daddy a reason to put off today what can easily be done in 2014.

After all, inflation is below the Fed target rate, we may have a budget agreement in the wings but nothing yet on the debt ceiling, and once the Fed calls last call it will be really tough to change policy. (That might spook a few investors.)

On the flip side, we do have a budget agreement in the wings, the labor market has shown a steady improvement, the economy is on the grow, and the S&P has hit an all-time high. Either way we'll know at 1:00 PM CT today. Trade strong.

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