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7:30 AM CT
GDP - 3rd Estimate
Forecast 3.7% Prior 3.6%
GDP Deflator - 3rd Estimate
Forecast 2.0% Prior 2.0%

Overnight European shares rose and posted their biggest weekly jump since April. Asian stocks on the other hand remained relatively flat to down. This morning before the equities open we'll be getting the 3rd GDP estimate. There shouldn't be any surprise in the numbers. After this week's strong run up we could see some profit taking throughout the session today. Don't forget next week is a holiday shortened week so many traders will be closing their books for the year today. The markets could have some strong movements early followed by thiner than usual volumes in the afternoon. Trade strong.

All in all yesterday wasn't a bad day for the equities considering the scope of Wednesday's advance. The March S&P settled down only -2.60 at 1802.10. Meanwhile the Dow Jones Industrial Average managed to eek out another all time high. The February WTI crude contract traded up +.98 closing at 99.04 on hopes that all the warm feelings in equities will lead to increased demand in 2014.

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