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BlogsPit Talk › Friday - First payrolls report of the year is due out today. January 10, 2014, 6:50 am

7:30 AM CT
Nonfarm Payrolls for Dec
Prior 203K Forecast 190K
Unemployment Rate for Dec
Prior 7.0% Forecast 7.1%
Hourly Earnings for Dec
Prior 0.2% Forecast 0.2%
Average Workweek for Dec
Prior 34.5 Forecast 34.5
9:00 AM CT
Wholesale Inventories for Nov
Prior 1.4% Forecast 0.0%

Overnight the Asian markets were mixed and European markets were up in front of today's jobs report. This reprot, which is the final jobs number for 2013, will let the markets know how much momentum the economy had coming into 2014. Traders are looking for an increase of 190K jobs and that would make 2013 one of the strongest years since 2005. We'll also get a chance to look at the quarterly wholesale inventories report before the opening bell today. With Big Daddy paying special attention to the jobs numbers and also on the watch for asset bubbles it will be interesting to see how the markets respond to today's numbers. Trade strong.


Yesterday was a choppy and indecisive day before nonfarm payrolls kind of day. The S&P contract added less than a point closing up +.50 at 1833.00, oil was down -.67 to settle at 91.66 and gold was up only +3.9 settling at 1229.4.

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