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7:30 AM CT
Nonfarm Payrolls for Jan
Prior 74K Forecast 175K
Nonfarm Private Payrolls for Jan
Prior 87K Forecast 160K
Unemployment Rate for Jan
Prior 6.7 % Forecast 6.6%
Hourly earnings for Jan
Prior 0.1% Forecast 0.2%
Average Workweek for Jan
Prior 34.4 Forecast 34.5
2:00 PM CT
Consumer Credit for Dec
Prior $12.3B Forecast $11.0B
Today's numbers could be a bit wacky with the winter weather North America experienced in January. None the less the consensus is that the economy added between 150K and 180K new jobs. Any number below that could spell trouble for the seemingly fragile equities markets the world over. There could also be an upside on a really strong nonfarm payrolls report but look for any upside to have a potential pullback going into the weekend. Trade strong.

The bulls may not have taken over but they were a force to be reckoned with yesterday. The Dow Jones Industrial Average added +1.2%, closing above its 200 day moving average. The S&P also put on a show closing up +22.60 at 1766.60. Traders believe that today's number will put everything back on track and the markets will be able to put this correction behind us.

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