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8:00 AM CT
Case-Schiller 20 City Index for Dec
Prior 13.7% Forecast 12.0%
FHFA Housing Price Index for Dec
Prior 0.1%
9:00 AM CT
Consumer Confidence for Feb
Prior 80.7 Forecast 81.0


Just another day in paradise for the equities on Monday. There didn't seem be any big catalyst for the move up, only the fact that no one wanted to miss the move up. The thinking was that if the markets could hold their own against last week's poor data than it must be a buy. U.S. stocks made big gains, and the S&P 500 surged to a record high before pulling back slightly to close at 1845.90. The Dow Jones industrial average added just over +105 and the Nasdaq also closed higher.


After yesterday's strong showing US markets could have a bit of a headwind today as overseas markets are trading mostly down. Asian markets posted mixed results overnight as the Shanghai composite tumbled 2% while the Nikkei in advanced 1.4% European stocks are trading mostly down. Aside from the economic reports the markets will be looking at this morning, T-mobile, Home Depot and Macy's will all be releasing earnings before the opening bell.

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