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No economic data to be released today.

Safe-haven assets were the buy of the day yesterday. Gold closed up +28.7, 10 year treasuries settled on their highs and the Dollar Index gained .05%. Oil rose +2.33 on the same wave. Those inflows to the safe-havens meant an outflow for equities. The Dow lost -153.68,, Nasdaq forfeited -30.82 and the S&P gave back 13.72 with all ten sectors ending in the red.


With no economic data to look at today the prognosticators and soothsayers will be talking about the escalating situation in the Ukraine. This is not a one week event. Although the Ukraine doesn't hold any economic or political clout, there are plenty reasons to be worried if the rhetoric and posturing get too strong. The world economy is still fragile, emerging economies are on the verge default across the board, sanctions are bad news for Europe and the US is in no mood to fight a proxy war with Russia. What could go wrong? Trade wisely.

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