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8:55 AM CT
Michigan Sentiment - final for Apr
Prior 82.6 Forecast 82.0

The Dow ended the day unchanged while the Nasdaq and S&P both put winners on the board. Despite the up day the indices did come under pressure Thursday morning after reports that Russia had begun military exercises on the Ukrainian border. Apparently traders weren't to concerned about the instability since everything climbed back out of the red. On the economic front, the always volatile initial claims came in slightly over consensus at 329K for the week ending 4/19 and durable goods came in right in line with expectations at 2.0%. The good news in the durable goods data was that transportation (think Boeing) didn't carry all the weight this period. There was growth across the board.

Asian markets closed out the week mostly down and European markets are lower across the board in mid-session trade. Today traders are going to have time to rethink the Russian sabre rattling going into the weekend. Look for lots of rhetoric to come across the wire. It wouldn't be surprising to see some end of the week defensive consolidation. Trade strong.

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