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All boats seemed to rise on the same tide today- ISM and Construction Spending came in at 55.7 and .6% respectively. Tough overnights in the energies and gold gave way to other thoughts as the data came in better than expected. Equities stayed in choppy waters but up is up. The war premium seemed to play in some of the action for gold and oil also.
8:30am ET
Trade Balance Forecast -$39.4B Prior -$34.2B
2:00pm ET
Auto and Truck Sales
Fed's Beige Book
It seems that the hawks are circling. But the markets are going to keep listening to hear what "targeted, tailored" and "of short duration" really mean. In the meantime keep an eye on the Trade number to see if the trend is our friend and don't get caught flatfooted on the 2 o'clock numbers. They're easy to forget but things can get choppy when markets are skittish. Have a great day.

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