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Equities up; commodities down. The Trade Balance came in just under the Daily Delphi forecast of-39.4 at -39.1B. Gold took a bigger hit than most because of labor compromise talk out of South Africa. Equities caught some air on the Truck and Auto Sales number. It came in at 16.1 million annualized- that's the best number since October 2007. New cars for everybody.
8:30am ET
Initial Claims Forecast 335k Prior 331k
Productivity Q2 Forecast 1.6% Prior .9%
10:00am ET
Factory Orders Forecast -3.7 Prior 1.5%
11:00am ET
Crude Inventories Forecast -1.263m Prior 2.986m
That's a whole lot to look at but not much to see. Baring any big surprises or bombs over Syria today looks to be a waiting for Friday's big number kind of day. Discipline rules the day.

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