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The S&P ended the week up 1.4% as Gold and Oil both added 1.73% and 2.2% respectively. The August Payrolls number was disappointing at 169k. That combined with July's downward revision was enough to give the markets some hope that the Fed would hold off on the looming tapering. Although a couple of the governors were speaking from different talking points.

3:00pm ET
Consumer Credit Forecast $13.0B Prior $13.8B
Nothing to see here folks; move along. There are no major reports for a few days, and the talking heads are checking their crystal balls to see what the Fed's intentions really are. They're not asking if--just when. Congress comes back from summer recess tomorrow, and the Syria hyperbole will kick into high gear as indecision continues to rule the day. Markets may have some swings as everyone is looking for anyone to listen to. The adage says; "buy the rumor, sell the fact." We'll hear lots of rumors on the economic and war front this week. Trade wisely.

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