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We've turned on the Daily Delphi algorithms! After you submit your forecast today take a look at the 'History' page. You'll see a chart that tracks your forecast, the DD forecast and the actual settlement price. Check back on the 'History' page after 9:00 AM and you'll also see the Daily Delphi forecast for today's settlement . It's time to start telling other traders. Don't worry if we're a little off at first. The more traders we get the more accurate our forecasts will become. Also, our algorithms are built to learn how well individuals forecast over time. So the more consistently you forecast the better Daily Delphi gets. We'll also be able to start giving tips to help everyone make better forecasts.Tell your friends to register today

More good news out of China points towards improving growth and the Russians run to the rescue with a diplomatic plan for Syria. The S&P continued it's surge settling up +13.30 for the day. That's the highest settle since August 14th. Gold just couldn't tred water anymore. Production fears are gone, equities were on the rise and a little love from Russia proved too much. It settled down -22.7. Crude also took a small hit on the happy news from the Mediterranean but ended down only -2.13. Perhaps looking to the East for increased demand.

9:00 AM CT
Wholesale Inventories Forecast 0.2% Prior -0.2%
This number isn't know for moving markets. Today be on the lookout for talk of diplomatic breakdowns or breakthroughs. We'll also be listening for Fed taper talk, pro or con. Either way the markets love a good story. Have a great trading day.

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