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The markets stayed under pressure yesterday as federal workers were making their plans for the long weekend. Chicago PMI came in stronger than expected at 55.7 vs forecast 53.7 lending the markets some early support but not enough to last for the day. The S&P's ended down -12.10. The energy markets were watching the same news as the equities. Oil had a brief morning rebound - chopped lower - caught some support in late trade and finally settled down -.54

9:00 AM CT
Construction Spending Forecast .3% Prior .6%
1:00 PM CT
Auto Sales Forecast 15.3M Prior 16.0M
September Auto Sales are expected to come off the torrid summer pace due to the Labor Day holiday falling in August this year. The markets are going to be listening for sound bites out of DC today. If the kids can't solve the shutdown showdown soon it won't bode well for the debt ceiling debates that are right around the corner.Trade well.

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