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The S&P closed at a new record high, 1736.50, for the second day in a row. The rally was extended with good earnings from Google, General Electric, and Morgan Stanley among others. Google soared up 13.8% to settle at 1011.41 - that was a +122.62 rise. Yeah you read that right, +122.62. Energies were nonplussed with all the hubbub Friday waiting instead for signs of economic demand. On Friday Daily Delphi called Oil within .05 and we missed Gold by only 1.1 on an eight dollar move.

9:00 AM CT
Existing Home Sale Forecast 5.22 M Prior 5.48M
9:30 AM CT
Crude inventories for 10/12 Prior 6.807M
Now that the Government is open for business again we'll start to see the reports that were postponed. Today starts with Existing Home Sales and the EIA Crude Oil report for October 12th. The highlight of the week comes early with the release of the Non-farm Payrolls number on Tuesday. Earnings season has been hit or miss so far but traders have found plenty of bright spots. With all the data hitting the markets this week there will plenty of opportunity to turn a few trades. Trade strong.

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