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Check out the new leaderboards. We'll have a leaderboard for each market we forecast so now you can see how your forecasting ability stacks up against other traders and Julie.

Did you see it? Daily Delphi missed the oil close by 1 penny Friday

9:00 AM CT
NAHB Housing Market Index Forecast 54 Prior 55

Another slow start to the week this morning. Not much in the way of economic data until Wednesday morning. Equities will continue to watch the earnings reports that are coming out throughout the session. Overnight WTI took a hit after word came out that the port strike in Libya had ended and a report was released that said Saudia Arabia exported more oil in September than any month since November 2005. Trade strong.


The economic releases on Friday left the markets less than impressed. The Empire Manufacturing report came in at -2.2 way under the expected 4.3. Industrial Production also came in at -.01%, well below market expectations. Nothing so minor can kill a rally though, traders decided that such lackluster news was actually a good argument for Big Daddy to leave the spigot on for a bit longer. Dec S&P closed up +5.80 at 1793.50, Dec WTI up only +.08 at 93.84 and gold settled +1.1 at 1287.40.

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